Wind powered desalination - Project references

Mekong Delta pilot installation for decentral wind powered water desalination for irrigation

rap green energy desalination project

Climate change worldwide affects the availability of fresh water for irrigation. Declining inflows of fresh water and rising sea levels aggravate salt intrusion in aquifers in estuaries, which often host strategic agricultural resources.

Coastal and estuarine areas are often remote from adequate power grids. For such areas
Rent-A-Port Green Energy has developed a Wind Powered Desalination plant design that combines small scale wind power and containerized fresh water production units (reverse osmosis), including a battery and a power and frequency controller. A patent has been applied for this design (patent pending).

These desalination units are commercialized and managed by “Rent-A-Port Utilities”, a company in which Rent-A-Port has a 50% holding.

Two demonstration projects are currently being implemented in Viet Nam: one in the Mekong Delta (South) and one in Hai Phong Province (North). Other prospective projects are currently being explored with a view to worldwide commercialization.

This smart application is typical of the opportunities offered by decentralized renewable energy generation in areas lacking power grids or where the grid is inadequate.