Waste to Energy - Project references

Waste-to-Power project in Uong Bi

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Rent-A-Port Green Energy is the leading partner in a consortium for a project that plans to operate a demonstration waste-to-power incinerator capable of handling 100 tons a day in Uong Bi (Qunang Ninh Province, North Viet Nam).

Apart from the waste collected as part of the Ha Long Bay Environmental Restoration Project, the project will treat domestic waste from all over the Province.

This first project is intended to demonstrate the advantages of waste-to-power technology in Viet Nam, for which a feed-in tariff has been in effect since June 2015.

In a second phase the project will be upgraded to 500 tons per day and operated under a public-private partnership agreement.




Waste-to-Energy Project on the Dinh Vu Peninsula

This project is for the construction of a domestic and industrial waste incinerator that can generate either steam or electrical energy. Planned capacity is 500 tons a day.


The project has several aims: 

  • to find a solution for a “temporary” waste disposal site (500,000 tons of inappropriately dumped waste) close to a developing industrial cluster in Hai Phong province
    (where over 2000 ha of industrial land is currently under development);
  • offer a green & sustainable waste treatment facility to the industrial clientele located
    in the industrial cluster;
  • offer centralized heat and steam generation services to this clientele.