Renewable energy storage - Project references

Green-field Pumped
Hydro Storage Plant Project in Belgium

Rent-A-Port Green Energy working in association with other private and public partners develops
a 150 MW greenfield pumped storage project in Belgium.

The project aims to set a new benchmark for the flexibility of pumped hydro storage, and uses
mid-scale variable speed asynchronous pump-turbines in conjunction with batteries. It compensates for the volatility and unpredictability of renewable energy sources for market participants and the grid operator.

rap green energy hydro storage

Schematic outline of the New Gen Pumped Hydro Station developed in Belgium



Combined wind power and electricity storage in Duqm, Sultanate of Oman

rap green energy duqm oman

The project, developed as an Independent Power Project combines a 150 MW wind farm and a 30 MW sea-water pumped hydro-storage project that aims to supply 50% of the power requirements of Duqm, a major greenfield deep-sea port and industrial zone development project in the Sultanate of Oman.

Rent-A-Port NV, 100% shareholder of Rent-A-Port Green Energy, and Port of Antwerp International are the joint partners in “Consortium Antwerp Port”, which owns the Port of Duqm Company in a  50/50 joint venture with the government of the Sultanate of Oman. The Port of Duqm Company is in charge of the development, operation and management of the port and industrial zone of the larger economic development project for the Duqm Special Economic zone.

The intention of the project is to set Oman’s economy and energy mix on the road to diversification and create a new and sustainable model for economic growth.   

Rent-A-Port Green Energy initiated the combined wind farm and storage project and is, In Joint Venture with Artelia (ex-SOGERAH) a 30% partner in the project development consortium. Other partners in that consortium are Seven Seas Oman (Sultanate of Oman), And Access-Power (U.A.E.).

Once completed the project will offer a secure energy supply for the industrial development of Duqm, while at the same time cutting generation costs, which is currently 100 % reliant on diesel oil, and improve the stability of the whole system. The involved pioneering technologies will enable Oman to draw on its own natural resources to ensure the security and competitiveness of its domestic power supply.