Renewable energy - Project references

Rent-A-Port Energy’s Management’s experience
in pioneer offshore wind farms

Rent-A-Port Green Energy’s management was the driving force behind the pioneering “far shore” wind farm C-Power. This was the first time ever that wind turbines were installed so far offshore (30 km) and in such great depths of water (30 m).

The first phase, comprising six 5 MW wind turbines, was commissioned in 2009. The design made use of gravity-based concrete foundations.

With the success of this demonstration phase, the farm was expanded to a total of 352.5 MW, with the delivery of forty-eight 6.15 MW turbines installed on steel jacket foundations and completed in 2013.

Drawing on the success of this first project, Rent-A-Port Green Energy’s management successfully set up a joint-venture investment vehicle in association with other private and public partners. This initiative has a pipeline for three more far-shore wind farm concessions: Rentel (288 MW, construction to start in 2017), Mermaid (235 MW + a 20 MW pilot wave farm) and Seastar (246 MW).

In total Rent-A-Port Green Energy’s management has helped bring more than 1 GW of offshore wind power into the world, thus ensuring the delivery of carbon-free power to almost 1 million households.


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Installation of a wind turbine on a jacket foundation at the C-Power far-shore wind farm