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Ha Long Bay Environmental restoration project

Rent-A-Port Green Energy was selected by the provincial authorities of Quang Ninh (North Viet Nam) as consulting engineer and project manager for the Ha Long Bay Environmental Restoration Project.

With an area of about 1,553 km² and including 1,969 islands, both small and large, but mostly uninhabited, the Ha Long Bay National Landscape site is spectacularly beautiful and has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994 and is one of Viet Nam’s Vietnam’s best known tourist attractions.

The physical attributes of the site make it nonetheless extremely sensitive to pollution, which comes from, among others, the nearby port of Cai Lan, one of Viet Nam’s main bulk liquid ports. Shallow waters and a low tidal range mean that exchanges of water between the Bay and the Gulf of Tonkin are limited, so that pollutants and waste present in the water remain in the bay for a long time.

Fully aware of the need to protect this environmental jewel and economic lung, the local authorities have defined a long term masterplan to implement an effective waste and waste water management in the coastal areas around Ha Long Bay. Apart from these long-term measures, they also requested
Rent-A-Port Green Energy to identify short-term measures for improving the situation, study their feasibility and identify potential European sources of finance.


The Ha Long Bay Environmental Restoration project comprises:

  • Recovery of floating oil and debris in the Bay
  • Collection of the waste and black water from the 500 tourist cruise boats operating in the Bay
  • Treatment of the collected black water (bio-reactor) and the waste (waste-to-power incinerator)