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During a signing ceremony held on the 29th of November 2018 at the Belgian Embassy in Tokyo, TEPCO Power Grid Inc. (TEPCO) and Infra Asia Investment (IAI, Rent-A-Port Group’s holding for industrial zone development in Viet Nam), entered into an agreement for TEPCO to become a shareholder of DEEP C Green Energy.

DEEP C Tepco

DEEP C Green operates the distribution power grid (110 & 22 kV) and is the exclusive power retailer on the DEEP C Industrial Zones, a cluster of 3400 ha industrial land under operation and development in North Viet Nam, with a focus on premium and dependable services and utilities supply (power, water, wastewater treatment) to its tenants.

DEEP C Green will further operate as a 50/50 joint venture with TEPCO. Rent-A-Port Green Energy proudly contributed to this M&A deal by supporting IAI and DEEP C Green management and operation teams.

TEPCO Power Grid Inc, serves 30 million customers in Japan and transports & distributes approximately 270 TWh p.a. When it comes to power grid reliability (system interruption duration and frequency), TEPCO Power Grid Inc. system in Japan shows worldwide unequalled performances, despite the challenging context (sparsely interconnected island sometimes exposed to harsh weather conditions) in which it operates.

TEPCO is therefore the ideal partner to decisively strengthen DEEP C Green Energy’s skills and capability, at the verge of the new and major challenges that will be faced in coming years:

-          a steep ramp up of the demand on present DEEP C Green system from 70 GWh p.a. today towards close
           to 1 TWh p.a. in the next 5 years

-          expansion of DEEP C System on an area that is 3 times bigger than current system

-          connection and integration of significant wind and solar generation capacities on the system

DEEP C indeed strives to supply selected manufactures on the industrial zone with electricity 100% guaranteed from renewable sources, with wind and solar PV generators connected to the DEEP C Green Energy system, and green energy distributed directly to the tenants, without using the national grid.

A 15-year renewable energy development plan, for which DEEP C is also supported by Rent-A-Port Green Energy, targets the development of a pipeline of 90 MW wind power and 40 MW solar power capacity.

The plan supports a wider initiative from DEEP C as part the ECO-Park program, a joint program from the Ministry of Investment and Trade and The United Nation Industrial Development Organization.

Rent-A-Port Green Energy wishes to congratulate and thank both the TEPCO and the Rent-A-Port teams for the intense, instructive and fruitful cooperation towards this deal, and is excited to witness the cooperation going live and to further support the team in reaching new milestones as a front running power system operator and service provider in Viet Nam.

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