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DEEP C Green Energy at the forefront of renewable development in North Viet Nam with the 2 first erected wind masts in that region.

Last week, two 100m high met masts were commissioned on the DEEP C industrial zone in Hai Phong, (North) Viet Nam. The measurement campaign kicked off with this installation aims to set the path for the development of a full-scale wind farm of 30MW, for which Commercial Operation is targeted in by end 2019.


rap green energy masts

The two erected met masts on DEEP C HP II (left) and DEEP C HP III (right)


One mast was installed in the south of the Dinh Vu Peninsula (on DEEP C HP II) and the other one on the island of Cat Hai (near DEEP C HP III). With a third mast currently being procured for installation in Bac Tien Phong (DEEP C QN I), trustful and bankable wind data will be soon available for all the DEEP C Industrial Zone Concessions in the provinces of Hai Phong and Quang Ninh.


rap green energy zones 

DEEP C industrial zones: general overview.


For those 2 first masts, project management, monitoring and data postprocessing is carried out by international consultant 3E from Belgium, and Vietnamese Company PECC3 was the EPC contractor.

Those masts are the first of their kind in North Viet Nam. This initiative highlights DEEP C's role as a pathfinder and pioneer in renewable energy in that part of the country, after the completion in September last year by DEEP C of a 6kWp solar PV testing and monitoring installation, one of the few grid-connected solar PV projects up and running in (North) Viet Nam so far.


rap green energy solar

6kWp solar PV testing and monitoring installation, aiming to compare behavior of mono- vs polycrystalline modules in the specific environment (diffuse light due to cloud cover and high humidity, corrosive-abrasive industrial environment) of DEEP C


Those investigation and feasibility efforts from DEEP C aim to set the path for the later development of renewable electricity generation capacities within the DEEP C industrial zones. Those will be connected to the distribution grid owned and operated by DEEP C Green Energy and generated renewable energy will be distributed and sold directly to manufactures on DEEP C without feed-in into the national grid. DEEP C's Renewable Development Strategy, echoing Viet Nam Government's Renewable Development strategy aims to cover about 10% of the total power demand on DEEP C by "self-generated" green energy, with guarantees of origin available for sale to tenants.

These plans are fully in line with larger initiatives from DEEP C Industrial Zones to always remain one step beyond in terms of quality and environmental standards, and to trigger an industrial symbiosis on the DEEP C cluster, fitting in the ECO-park initiative from Ministry of Planning and Investment.

In terms of future steps, DEEP C Green energy is currently in the process of developing and obtaining the necessary licenses and permits for a pilot project of a single <3MW wind turbine aiming to demonstrate the economic and regulatory viability of this "behind the meter" industrial and corporate off-take model. Completion of this first project is targeted by end 2018.

The pipeline of capacity additions also includes a <3MW pilot solar PV project from which development will start end of this year, after completing the monitoring of the 6kWp test installation.
First full scale renewable generation park (a <30MW wind farm) is planned to spark its first MWh by end 2019.