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For the last 4 years, Rent-A-Port Green Energy has together with other private and public partners investigated the feasibility of green field electricity storage development in Belgium.

On the long term, the consortium contemplates the development of a project combining 40 MW Lithium-ion battery with 120 MW greenfield pumped-hydro storage in the southern part of Belgium.

Unlike countries like the UK and Germany, where hundreds of megawatts (batteries, pumped-hydro) of storage project development have been announced, current Belgian’s regulatory frame does not provide for sufficient income guarantees giving access to non-recourse debt. Large scale projects like the one promoted by Rent-A-Port Green Energy and partners therefore face financing barriers even when theoretically profitable, while storage is largely recognized as the cornerstone of the energy transition.

As a first step, the consortium therefore decided to split the project in smaller modules, from which first one, a 10 MW grid-connected battery is in final phase of development.

Belgian newspaper “De Standaard” reported in its edition date September 25th 2017 on the project and on other similar initiatives in Belgium.