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Rent-A-Port Green Energy was present as a Silver Sponsor at the “New York Times - Energy for Tomorrow” Conference held in Paris on 3-4 November 2016.

During this conference a signing ceremony was held for the Memorandum of Understanding between Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam (MARD) and the consortium Rent-A-Port Green Energy & Rent-A-Port Utilities.
Both parties will join forces to develop and find the necessary financing for the implement of 5 demo units for the concept of Off-Grid Wind-Driven Desalination Units developed by Rent-A-Port Green Energy.
Estimated budget is USD 15 m. The project will enable to supply irrigation for about 200 hectares of rice fields.
Once developed on a larger scale (a large master plan for 250 units is currently investigated), the concept could help Viet Nam to tackle the problem of the salt intrusion in the Mekong Delta, triggered by climate change (lower dry weather discharge and seal level rise) and the increasing use of fresh water in the upstream countries.
Coverage of the project and the signing ceremony was published in: