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and environmental services

Rent-A-Port Green Energy is a subsidiary of Ackermans & Van Haaren and CFE. The role of Rent-A-Port Green Energy in the group is to develop and manage participations and concessions in the field of renewable energy and energy storage, environmental remediation and restoration, and waste-to-energy transformation.

rap greenenergy project developer

A project developer

Active in the entire chain of the transition to sustainable energy and environment

rap greenenergy supports studies

Initiates, supports,studies, pilots and co-finances

Innovative projects for renewable energy and energy storage

rap greenenergy priviliged partner

A privileged partner for the whole lifecycle of your project

Starting with the feasibility study of an original idea

Latest news

New Milestone in power grid and renewable energy development on DEEP C Industrial Zones

During a signing ceremony held on the 29th of November 2018 at the Belgian Embassy in Tokyo, TEPCO Power Grid Inc. (TEPCO) and Infra Asia Investment (IAI, Rent-A-Port Group’s holding for industrial zone development in Viet Nam), entered into an agreement for TEPCO to become a shareholder of DEEP C Green Energy.